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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Capturing Drawing in Response to Music

Part of my drawing practice involves drawing in response to live improvised music, this is a method I use to capture different emotional states and physical sensations through drawing. As part of my Research and Development project 'Drawing as Experience' (funded by Arts Council England) I wanted to ask; How is this work best shown? Is it through the finished drawing, the performance or the documentation of the performance or some combination of all of these elements? In recent years I have focused very much on the public performance as the act is where this particular aspect of my work exists for me, the finished drawing can not 'tell it' alone. But does this moment of making the drawing, of hearing the sounds that propel it into being, have to be physically witnessed by an audience each time, or are there other possibilities?

Exploring this, I commissioned Andrew Brooks to create a film of me drawing in response to improvised sounds by my long term collaborators David Birchall and Dan Bridgwood Hill. I wanted to push what the audience could access of this moment by using a go pro camera (attached to my head), giving both the impression of the performance as they might witness as part of an audience, but also a more intimate view, close to my own, inside the drawing.

Here is the resulting film. 

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