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Monday, 28 November 2016

Drawing under Hypnosis - Session Three

My third session of drawing while under hypnosis in collaboration with Psychology Lecturer Devin Terhune, took place at Goldsmiths University of London where Devin is based. Our previous sessions can be seen here.

How should this work be shown? How do I communicate what happened? And how much really needs to be said?

There are so many different elements involved in each of the drawings I have made while under hypnosis. There is the drawing itself and the space I occupy in my mind while making it, these are two halves of a whole and are of equal importance to me. Surrounding this are; the discussions Devin and I have about the work and psychology and drawing more widely, the space we are working in and of course Devin verbally inducting me into a state of hypnosis each time. All of these things contribute, they shape the drawing.

Afterwards I am left with the drawings as well as sound recordings of the whole process, photos, notes, bits of films. Using a potential combination of words and images to describe work that needs both (Devin's spoken induction, my drawings) feels right. The next step will be to start playing with these elements, to work out exactly what I want to say, and how.


Drawing her hair, feels like bringing a part of her back.

More photos of the drawings and documentation from these sessions can be seen here

This work is part of my research and development project, 'Drawing as Experience' funded by Arts Council England.

Please note is important to only try hypnosis with a trained hypnosis professional.


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