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Monday, 11 December 2017

Album Artwork for 'Mass' by dbh

I was very honored when the incredibly talented Manchester musician Dan Bridgwood Hill aka dbh, asked me if he could use details from my drawing 'Sara's Forest' as the artwork for his latest album 'Mass'. I love Dan's music, and have really enjoyed drawing in response to his improvisations during our performances over the years. And so Dan responding to one of my drawings in this way, felt like a very natural exchange.

'I first saw 'Sara's Forest' on the wall of Naomi's studio not long after she drew it and I was immediately attracted to it. Overtime I've derived a lot of meaning from it, including things Naomi can not possibly have intended. I realised very early on that it would make a great album cover and as such it became inseparable from the music I was making, so when the record was finished there was no option but to ask for permission to use it'  - Dan

'Mass' is out now on Thread Recordings

Find out more about the original drawing 'Sara's Forest' here

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