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Friday 11 April 2014

Acts for Drawn to the Beat at Victoria Baths 26th of April

I can now confirm the acts who will be performing at Drawn to the Beat, but first a reminder of what to expect. I am inviting people to share in an immersive participatory performance drawing event. We will fill one of the empty swimming pools with an enormous drawing, made in response to listening to live and recorded music including a silent disco.

For more information and to get your ticket follow this link

And for a look at Drawn to the Beat at Band on the Wall in Manchester and at Fabrica Gallery in Brighton follow this link

I am very pleased to introduce the following incredibly talented musicians who, if the rehearsals are anything to go by, will be transporting the participants to truly wonderful and surprising places on the night!

 Firstly the incredibly talented musician and sound artist Najia Bagi!

“Ethereal vocals” – John Fordham, The Guardian
A self-professed fan of soul, jazz and motown, Bagi’s work is rich, classically influenced and driven by the ever-popular topic of love and loss. With keys set to quiver and her tumble-down voice primed to captivate, Bagi half recalls a heartbroken Regina Spektor – if the latter were better versed in, say, Beethoven ‘s sonatas and less taken with flights of whimsy.[sic] Magazine

Najia Bagi is a musician based in Manchester. She has written, produced and performed with several acts over the past few years including To Sophia, The Ground, The Electronic Exchange, Beats & Pieces Big Band and most recently, W E I G H T with Duncan Meadows of Marconi Union. Najia also works as a sound artist, most recently working with families at Manchester Art Gallery and Tate Liverpool. FB:

AND... our grand finale, formed especially for Drawn to the Beat at Victoria Baths the truly amazing 'Dark Pools Of Liquidity' - A new musical quartet bringing together regular collaborators Dan Bridgwood-Hill Ed Troup, Ian Breen and Charlotte Holroyd who have had a hand in a variety of excellent Manchester bands over the years such as NASDAQ, PLANK!, Borland, Claw The Thin Ice, Wode, Gold Blend and Day For Airstrikes. The group have prepared a largely improvised piece especially for the event, which will use guitars, keyboards, percussion, violin, saxophone and flute to make sounds that may drift from swampy psychedelia to something more influenced by jazz or folk.

I really cant wait! Hope to see you there.

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