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Monday, 15 January 2018

'Brink' and Other Stories.

When I am drawing words come. A conversation with the drawing, as it happens, during which I find words to describe, guide and define it. Some of these words spill out into my sketch book, as notes, half poems or possible titles.

I have been thinking about the power of titles recently, particularly the line between titles working with the drawing to communicate to the viewer and titles being too leading, snuffing out the ability of the drawing to speak for itself. It is a difficult line to tread, however words often feel so involved in my drawings, tied up in each mark, that I want them to contribute, and to figure out how best they can work with the drawing.

Paint, pastel and pencil on tracing paper

Some people call it 'The black dog', for me it is certainly dark but also heavy, dense and  invading. It attempts to conquer and there is always a battle between it and the other (the parts untouched by depression and anxiety). What happens at the point where these two equal forces meet, who will swallow who?

'Almost Edible' 
Pastel on tracing paper

The surface of my sons skin. A landscape I could happily lose myself in and that I can not help but touch, particularly those cheeks, I ache to kiss them. The Joy of this.

Pastel on paper

More images of my work are here

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