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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Conducting Music

Conductor: a substance or body capable of transmitting electricity, heat, sound, etc

I have been searching obsessively through you tube today for footage of pianists and conductors that focuses only on their movements and facial expressions, rather than panning out to include an entire orchestra and audience. I want, as on the rare occasion I have seen live performances, to just watch them, or more specifically what happens to them as they perform. Rather than dance or visual art it is these performers that make me think of what it is like to draw music, and who I feel I have a strange connection too.

I like to imagine the two performers below are responding to the music, rather than controlling or creating it. In fact how much is creating and how much is a response to the sounds they generate? It is sometimes hard to believe one persons movements are creating that sound, and at some points even the performers themselves look surprised to hear it. While watching, I wonder if every movement they made could leave a trace, a mark, to become a record of the way that music has taken possession of them, what would it look like?

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