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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Making the film for 'DaDa Fest 10 International'

The film maker Mark Morreau and I were commissioned by 'Dada Fest 10 International' to create a film of me drawing music. Mark and I decided to film me, with time lapse, from above, capturing my movements and the drawing as it emerged around me. There was also another camera at 'ground level' to record my facial expressions. Below are photos of the making of the film, which will be shown on BBC Big Screens Nationally from the 18th of November until the 3rd of December, so wrap up warm, find a giant outdoor telly near you and enjoy!
BBC Big Screens Locations
DaDaVisions New Films
Mark Morreau
Naomi Kendrick Music Drawings on flickr

The venue for filming was a lovely big space full of circus paraphernalia

The big set up, making my usual preparations for drawing look effortless

Essential items, the heater, and a boombox to play the hip hop compilation album I would later draw twice.
The beautiful crisp white and enormous paper, rolled out and waiting for me. Tempting and intimidating all at once

A 'mock' music drawing used to test the exposure on the cameras.

The genius 'Genie', with mark using it to secure one of the cameras 4 metres above my head

Just after completing drawing one

Given the large scale of the finished drawings I recommend you view them big, by following the links below

LARGE VERSION 'Hip Hop for DaDa 1'
LARGE VERSION 'Hip Hop for DaDa 2' 
 'Hip Hop for DaDa 1' 262cm x 276cm

'Hip Hop for DaDa 2' 256cm x 237cm

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