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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

From The Family Event sketch book - Feedback

I have been looking through the feedback from my family from 'The Family Event' in the form of questionnaires I gave out on the day and some post event e-mails and cards I received. I think it is interesting and important to know what the participants thought, so I have put some of their comments here. To see my own reflection on the day see my earlier blog entry 'Dear Family...'

What were you expecting from the day?
A wedding!!
Did my best not to think about or expect anything
To Learn more about Naomi's work
Mayhem with two children ruining everything...
A complete surprise, but something to do with the senses
Lots of food and to not know exactly what was going on

What was your favourite part of the day?
Being together and Naomi's artwork
Discussing ideas and inspiration from Naomi's work
The making of an art piece
Wrap up (looking at each others work)
All of it was fantastic really enjoyed it as you must have noticed, but if I had to state one bit it was creating our art!
Playing boggle (I had not played it before)
Making clay rabbit

What was your least favourite part of the day?
Going home
packing up
Travelling and traffic jams
Thinking of what to create - but once we worked it out it was fun
Not being able to eat all the food as I'm on weight watchers

Is there anything you think could be done differently?
A wedding...
Bit of music during lunch?? (smiley face drawing)
Bigger pies!
Sharing thoughts on the food
I would like to have been more thoughtful/creative on the task i.e acted or sang

How did today compare to your previous experience of art and of spending time with family?
excellent brilliantly done
Art was fun and carefree - much like school rather than adult experience of art. Very interesting to be around family in completely new capacity.
Nice seeing how others think - More creatively than people normally demonstrate
A unique event being a participant with art
Uncovers new insights
Different with all adults being included as it is mostly myself and the children and usually a child like result but this was nice to have an adult result
I have learnt from experience, and also from experiencing some of Naomi's art in different places to keep an open mind and be surprised! Last time the family got together was for a wedding so this was completely different.
A whole new experience I'd like to have again
More family here than normal so different and better atmosphere
To be honest I haven't been so involved in art before. It was a great experience.

If there were a 'Family Event Part Two', what do you think should happen and why?
A wedding!!!
Best part is not knowing and turning up with an open mind and no preconceptions.
A wedding!!!
Flip the event - ask participants for 'entry' to exhibition
For something to be created that can be taken home and to be proud of or to do pieces that we give to each other or that we make specifically for someone to learn more about that person etc.
I think people should be given tasks prior to the event and bring things. Also for task to be created by the guests.
Same again maybe with some booze

Any other comments about your experience of The Family Event.
Many thanks for a wonderful day
Great day, felt productive, creative, fun and unlike any other event.
Loved it all despite being a little nervous before hand - No reason at all!!!
What a great day when is the next and what can I help you with. Well done and thank you!
Very well organised and thoroughly enjoyable

‘I can see why this is very special, because it felt it!

It was a fantastic idea and day and really enjoyable and very therapeutic probably for all involved. Instead of sitting around talking about oneself or discussing and putting the world to right, we were all enjoying mutually, a special moment and seeing each and everyone’s creative side and artist within. Loved it as you could see……’

‘just a quick message to thank you for a very enjoyable day. I have enjoyed telling everyone what we did, also for me it was great fun creating something (not sure what to call it) with a group and I find it quite relaxing. Something that a friend asked me is what did Naomi get out of the day, and I was not sure how to answer that. One very big treat was to have the whole family together, it was lovely seeing people I had only heard about or I had not seen for a long time. Well done Naomi for getting everyone together it was great.’

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